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Ossis, based in Los Angeles, California, USA, was established jointly by world renowned tattoo artist Jess Yen and silver jewelry artist Zhushi.  Jess Yen who has over 20 years in tattoo industry, specializes in oriental designs and bodysuit, and Zhushi who graduated from the prestigious China Central Academy of fine arts and an award-winning artist, has started his own brand, Zhushi, based on "History of Life - Skull Culture" in 2014.  Since then he has been creating his own design of silver jewelry products and making various international tattoo convention competition trophies.  With two different art backgrounds, they come together creating a silver jewelry line that is handmade and in 925 silver.

Ossis dedicates to be creative and to be dark.  Whether you are wearing it for fashion statement or self-expression, Ossis deems to bring the dark art at a distinct level.

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